Funny Rakhi Tambola Ticket For Ladies Kitty Party

rakhi tambola

Rakhi tambola ticket. August month is almost here and Rakshabandhan or Rakhi is one of the most prominent kitty party theme for this month. When we talk about a kitty party, tambola is the first thing that comes into our minds. Though the kitty party scenes are changing with time and it is more of a theme party these days, Tambola is still the inevitable part.

I have just designed and created a funny rakhi tambola ticket for your Raksha Bandhan theme kitty party in the month of August. I took some funny pictures about brother and sisters from scoop whoop and made this rakhi special tambola ticket.

This tambola ticket is based on the most common and lovable conversation among the brothers and sisters. You can also say that these are the most common dialogues used by the Indian brother and sisters. You will definitely feel connected to it.

Brother Sister Special Rakhi Tambola

rakhi tambola ticket

How to play Rakhi Tambola Ticket

Right-click on the image given below without the numbers and download the image.

Get the printouts as per the number of members in your kitty party.

Give each member a ticket and ask them to write three numbers on each picture.

There will be 18 numbers in total in the entire ticket and the dividends will be-

  1. Pehle isne maara tha
  2. Tujhe kachre ke dibbe se uthake laye the
  3. Mom & Dad love me more
  4. Meri chocolate kaha gayi?
  5. Please papa ke sign kar de. 
  6. Kam khaya kar moti

Besides these, you can also keep the houses as your dividends.

Here is the rakhi tambola ticket image without the numbers. You can download the image here and get the printouts from any cyber cafe nearby.

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