Candy Cane Relay : Funny Game For Birthday Party

funny game for birthday party

Funny Game For Birthday Party . Birthday party is all about food, games, gifts and lots of fun. Kids love shouting and messing up while playing the games. The birthday party games are actually the main attraction for the kids coming in the birthday party. Today while browsing over the web, I came across this wonderful and funny game for birthday party. It is a simple game but I am sure kids will love playing.

Funny Game For Birthday Party : Candy Cane Relay

funny game for birthday party


The image says it all but as always I am here to explain the game to you. To play this game in a birthday party or any other party, you just need a few candy canes and nothing else.

Bring a few candy canes and put them on table before you start the game. Divide the kids into teams and explain the game thoroughly to the kids before you buzz the whistle. You can make all the teams play simultaneously or one by one. Call the teams in the playing area and start the game. All they have to do is to transfer the candy canes from one table to other without using their hands.

Make a minimum of two teams and ask them pass out a candy cane to each child. Each child should place the cane in his/her mouth, like a fish hook. Then hang another candy cane from the first child’s “hook.” They then must pass it on to the person behind them without using their hands. First team who gets the candy cane to the end of the line wins!

I hope the game is clear enough to be played in your child’s birthday party. If you have any doubt about this funny game for birthday party, do let me know via comments below in the comment box. I am here to helps you in every aspect.

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