Play This Funny Game In Your Office Party

play funny game in your office party

Just came across this wonderful funny game for parties and couldn’t resist to share it here with my readers. This is a much suitable game for all kind of parties and you can play this funny game in your office party, ladies kitty party, couple kitty party of your family Easter party. This game suits the Easter as it is played with the eggs.

play funny game in your office party

This is an individual game but calling everyone to play this game will take lot of time so I would suggest you to make teams and then call one member from each team to play this game. Divide your guests into teams according to the number of guests in your party. The challenge is to balance two eggs on two different trays.

Things required

  • Two plastic trays of the same size
  • Raw eggs
  • Chalk to make start line and finish line and
  • Stopwatch of course

How To Play This Funny Party Game in Your Office Party

  • Call one member from each team to play this game and ask her/him to stand at the start line.
  • Give her two plastic tray and two raw eggs. If you are afraid of the mess you can also use the boiled eggs.
  • The challenge is to balance the eggs on trays and take them to the finish line.
  • Set your stopwatch, blow the whistle and start the game.
  • The member who does the task in minimum time will be the winner of this game.

You can bring the variations in this game like using a ball instead of eggs or keeping examination boards instead of trays. Do plan this funny game in your office party next time and let me know if your friends and collegues like it or not. Do leave your comments below in  the comment box, your comments boost my moral always.


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