Fun Drinking Games : Simple Beer Games For Fun

fun drinking games

Fun Drinking Games can bring a spark to your party. Drinking games are games or contests which involve the consumption of alcoholic drinks, typically as a penalty or in response to a specified cue or prompt. Drinking games are wonderful for so many reasons! Check out some fun drinking games for your parties, pre-parties or after-parties. 

Fun Drinking Games

Quarters Beer Gamefun drinking games

This is a fun drinking game and you need a beer, a glass and quarters for this game. First fill the beer glass and try to bounce the quarters off the table to get it into the beer glass. You can bounce it flat on the table or drop it on side. If the quarter goes in, select a player to drink the beer. Do not swallow the coin. If you fail to bounce the coin in the beer in second chance you have to drink the beer and then comes the next player’s turn.

Thumper Beer Gamefun drinking games

Concentration and memory decrease when you drink and this beer game more challenging and fun. For this beer game you need beer and people. The game brings more fun if there are 8-10 people. Make everyone sit around a table and keep the beer glasses on the table. Come up with a motion, it should be clear and simple and easy to remember. Whatever motion you choose will be your trademark in this beer game. Show the motion to everyone and give them chance to memorize it. Now everybody starts thumping the table and the leader says ‘ we are playing the game’ everyone shouts ‘THUMPER’.

The leader then does his own ‘motion/gesture’ and then somebody else’s. If it’s your gesture he does, you go next. Do your gesture first and then somebody else. The game goes on, the one who messes up will drink his beer and will be out of the game.

Try these fun drinking games at your drinking party next time and do let us know who you liked them. I am sure your friends would love having fun with beer. Do hit the FB like button if you like my drinking games ideas and also feel free to leave a comment if you know some more of them.

P.S Please drink carefully and follow all local laws regarding drinking age. 





  1. Looking for some fun filled naughty games for my mother’s Ladies lunch party . All are very open minded and open to fun…. cud u pl suggest some really fun games….


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