Fun Games For Kids: Interesting Activity Games For Kids

fun games for kids

Keeping the kids engaged is one of the biggest tasks for mothers and if you are throwing a birthday party with around 15-20 kids, you better be prepared for the mess and chaos. Well, the only things which can keep the kids busy and entertained are the fun games for kids. You can get them playing some interesting games and fun activities and voila, you are happy too.

Fun Games For Kids

In this post, we will learn about 5 fun games for kids like-

  1. Bubbles
  2. Q Pins and Cups
  3. Shaving Cream and Cheetos
  4. Sticky Feast
  5. Arrange the mess

1] Bubbles: Funny Game For Kids and Adults

This is a funny game for kids but you can play this game with adults too in your office party or in your ladies kitty party. This is a team game actually and you first need to divide the kids into teams. Now give one bubble machine to each team. One of the members will make the bubbles on the machine and the team members will one by one blow the bubble and take it to the finish line. Make the host stand at the finish line to count the bubbles.

2] Q Pins and Cups: Interesting activity game for kidsfun games for kids

This is a common game but is still interesting to play with the kids at a birthday party. In this game, you will need the plastic cups, make sure you take the lightweight cups. Now give one straw to each kid and they will play the game turn by turn. Make a pyramid of the cups on the floor or a table and the challenge for the kids is to blow the cups down using their straw pipes and the earbuds. The kid who manages to break the pyramid the best will be the winner.

3] Shaving Cream and Cheetos: Messy but fun gameFunny game for kids

Yes, this is a bit messy game and you will need the diapers, the shaving cream, and Cheetos for this game. However, kids love playing messy games, so this is one of the perfect fun games for kids. Now, this is again a team game. One of the team members will wear the baby diaper as a shower cap and the host will apply a lot of shaving cream over it. The challenge for the team here is to throw the Cheetos from a distance so that they go and stick on the cap with shaving cream. The team which manages to throw the maximum number of Cheetos will be the winner. Do not forget to draw a line before you start the game.

4] Sticky Feast: Tasty and fun game for kids

fun games with kids

This is a pair game so you need to make the pairs of the kids in the party before you start playing the game. You will need the cream biscuits for this game and a few plates, and, also a blindfold. Now one of the kids in pair will be blindfolded and you will open the cream biscuit and stick it on the plate upside down (cream side on the plate). The challenge for the other kid is to take the plate in front of the blindfolded kid and make him eat the biscuits. The rule here is that none of them can speak. The pair who finishes the biscuits first will be the winner of this game.

5] Arrange the Mess

This is a kind of learning game for kids. In this game, the host will take a big bag and put many supplies in it which will include some of the bathroom supplies, some kitchen supplies, some stationary items, some drawing-room items, etc. Keep some dedicated boxes representing each- bathroom, kitchen, drawing room, study table. Now the task for the kids is to arrange the items in the respective box in one minute. The child who does the maximum correct will be the winner.

So, these were some of the fun game for kids, do let me know via comments if you liked them and also let me know if you have some more ideas to add into the list.



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