7 Fun Party Games With Cups You Must Try!


There are hundreds of party games ideas here in my blog and today I am sharing a list of 7 Fun Party Games With Cups. You should try these games in your kitty party, office party or even at a kids birthday party.

7 Fun Party Games With Cups

1] Flip-Flop- Fun Game With Cups

This game looks simple but it’s not. In this game, the challenge for members is to flip the cup with one hand and it should stand straight. They will get one minute and the member who flips the maximum number of cups will be the winner of this game. If you have teams in your kitty party, you can keep it as a relay where the first member of the team will flip and only when he succeeds, the second member gets the chance. So the team who complete the challenge in the best way will be the winner.

2] Head To Head- Couple Party Game With Cups

7 Fun Party Games With Cups

This is a couple game and the challenge here is that the couple will hold the cup between their foreheads and take it to a table and then make a pyramid. The couple who completes the challenge in the minimum time will be the winner of this game. You can decide whether you want them to make a three cups pyramid or a 5 cups pyramid or even more.

3] Balloon Pyramid-Interesting Game With Cups

In this game, the challenge is again to make a pyramid with the cups but the way of picking the cups is different. Here the members have to pick the cup with the help of a blown balloon. watch the video below and you will understand the game better. This is an individual game but with a few tweaks, you can play it with the teams too. Like every member will pick one balloon and stack it over the pyramid. If the team fails to make a pyramid they have to start again.

4] Ping Pong Cups- 7 Fun Party Games With Cups7 Fun Party Games With Cups

The challenge in this game is to fill in 7 cups with a ping pong ball each. This is again a couple party game but can be turned into a team game easily. One person will toss the ping pong ball from a distance and the other person will catch the ball in a cup, then put in another cup on it and again catch a ball, and so on.

5] Bounce Back- One-minute party games challenge

7 Fun Party Games With Cups

In this game, the player has to bounce the cup horizontally in a way that it bounces and stands straight. Every member gets to play with 6 cups and the number of cups they make stand perfect will be their score and accordingly, you will decide the winner of this party game.

6] Cup Dominos- Fun challenge with cups7 Fun Party Games With Cups

This game might sound confusing here but I will soon make a video on it to explain better. For now, let me try to explain it by words. In this game, you will tilt your table from one end by keeping some bricks under two of its legs. Keep a basket at the other end of the table, as shown in the picture below. Now the challenge for the members is to arrange the cups in a manner that they can roll the first cup and the last cup will fall in the basket.

7] Pillar to Post- Minute to win it game with cups

In this game, the players have to make a pillar of the cups and then take it from one table to the other kept at a certain distance. The picture below will help you understand the game and don’t worry I will be making a video very soon on this game too. Keep an eye on my YouTube channel Kitty Groups Online. 

So, these were my list of 7 Fun Party Games With Cups. I took the ideas of these games from the YouTube channels of the minute to win it games and will certainly try to play them in my kitty parties.


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