Festivities: Simple Kitty Party Paper Game


This is a very simple kitty party paper game suitable for all age group of Indian ladies. You can play this game in any of your small family gatherings or a birthday party too. Its all about the Indian festivities and thus suits only Indian ladies kitty party.

Simple Kitty Party Paper Gamesimple kitty paper game

Things required

Game sheet printouts


How to Play
  • Get the printouts of the game sheet according to the number of members in your kitty party.
  • Give one sheet to everyone and set the time limit to one minute.
  • The challenge here is to write the Indian festivals month-wise on the game sheet.
  • The lady who writes maximum number of festivals will be the winner of course.

Download the plain game sheet of this Simple Kitty Party Paper Game below. Right click your mouse and click on ‘save image as’ and the image will be saved on your PC or phone. Get the printouts from any nearby photo gallery. one minute kitty paper game

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  1. Hi dear
    Your games are amazing. Thank you for such nice games. We have enjoyed many kitties with these games. Can you please suggest some interactive games for a larger group 60-70 ladies. Thanks


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