Amitabh Movies Game: One Minute Ladies Kitty Games

one minute kitty games

This is one of the best and simple one minute ladies kitty games. This is a paper party game and all you need to play this game is the game sheet. Get the printouts of the game sheet given below according to the number of members in your ladies kitty party.

One Minute Ladies Kitty Gamesone minute ladies kitty games

Things Required

  • Game sheet printouts
  • pens

How to Play

  • Give one game sheet to each member of your kitty party.
  • The challenge here is to fill in the blanks with Amitabh Bachchan movies.
  • This is a one minute game and thus, members get only one minute to complete the challenge.

Download The One Minute Ladies Kitty Games Sheet

Answer Sheet

  1. परवरिश
  2. कसौटी
  3. अभिमान
  4. अकेला
  5. कभी कभी
  6. अमर अकबर एन्थोनी
  7. सुहाग
  8. शक्ति
  9. रेशमा और शेरा
  10. कालिया
  11. ब्लैक
  12. ह्म
  13. चीनी कम
  14. गुड्डी
  15. लावारिस
  16. शहंशाह
  17. ताकत
  18. नसीब
  19. सरकार
  20. भूतनाथ
  21. महान




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