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September 16, 2019

Te-A-Me Launches New Flavored Ice Brews

Te-A-me Ice Brews. In these scorching days of summer, there can nothing be as refreshing as a pitcher of iced tea. What if you get some fresh fruit flavors in your refreshing iced tea?

Yes, you read it correctly.

You can you now have your favorite iced-tea in the fresh fruit flavor and that too without any artificial additives. Te-A-Me, the renowned brand has now come up with a new range of ice brews with the delicious blend of fruits and herbs.

So, if you are throwing a kitty party at your place this summers or having any friends gathering, these iced brews can be the perfect welcome drink.

How cool is that?

Guess what? You don’t even need to boil it. These new ice brews come in the form of tea bag and you just need to dip it into a chilled glass of water and VOILA your fresh refreshing burst of Iced Tea is ready to serve.

The best part about the Te-A-Me Ice Brews is that it is NON-GMO, gluten-free, absolutely natural and contains no additives, not even an artificial sweetener. Once brewed, you will taste the fresh and original sweetness of the fruit which is refreshing.

5 Flavors of Te-A-Me Ice Brews

Tea-Me has something for everyone. Yes, the brand has launched the new iced tea brews in five different flavor-

  1. Lemon– The refreshing and zesty lemony taste and deliciousness of herbs will give you a refreshing burst for sure. Get the goodness of fresh lime in every sip with this lemon flavored iced tea.
  2. Wild Berry– When it is about the chilled drinks, berries own a special place and thus this special Wild Berry flavor for the berry fans. Every sip will give you the soothing taste of ripe raspberries. Add some crushed ice and get ready to drool.
  3. Peach- The peach flavor brings the boldness of black iced tea along so as to give some zesty taste to the smooth peach flavor.
  4. Mint Green- Mint always come on top when it is about some refreshing drink, and how wonderful it will be if we get the deadly combo of icy mint and calming green tea. Just the perfect summer drink for the green tea lovers like me.
  5. Lychee- Sorry if you find me bias, but this is my favorite one here. Lychee is my favorite fruit but we can’t get it all through the year and other lychee drinks have so much sugar than I can’t te-a-me ice brewseven think of having it. Thus, this is my favorite drink to calm my taste buds without worrying about the weight gain.

I know you must be skeptical now about which flavor to buy because all of them sound so good and alluring.

Not to worry at all. Tea-Me also has a special pack with mixed flavors for you. You can pick up the multi-flavor pack which includes 3 tea bags of each flavor. So you get a total of 15 tea-bags in one multi-flavor pack.

I have been using the flavored green tea from Tea-Me but always wanted something chilled for these unbearable summers. I am so delighted to see this newly launched iced tea brews. Now all my summers kitty parties are sorted and I do not need to bore my guests with the regular summer drinks like soft drinks, thandai or even the jalzeera.

Thanks, Tea-Me for launching this new range of Te-A-Me Ice Brew.

If you are an iced-tea lover too, head over to the link below and buy your favorite flavor.


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