IPL Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas


We recently had an IPL Theme Kitty Party in our group. Being the IPL season, the theme was perfectly suitable for the month of April. The party hall was beautifully decorated with the theme decors and danglers. The walls were decorated with beautiful danglers showing bats, balls, and other cricket accessories. There were cutouts of some famous IPL players all over in the hall. And above all was the pitch which was made in the centre of the hall. The teams names were on the IPL Teams like Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals etc. We had 8 teams with 7 members in each team.IPL kitty party

IPL Theme Kitty Party Games and IdeasIPL theme kitty party

Dress code for IPL Theme Kitty Party

All members were asked to wear a white top with a blue lower for the IPL theme kitty. The hosts however were dressed up in blue IPL tees and white lowers.

Games for IPL Theme Kitty Party

  1. IPL Tambola- First game was an IPL tambola where we go the tambola tickets based on IPL theme. It had 5 teams names and there were 4 numbers in each team. Each team was a dividend.
  2. Puzzle- The first game was a jigsaw puzzle where we were given the cut out puzzle of the cricketers and we got a minute to assemble the puzzle. The team which did it first scored a point.
  3. Questionnaire-Second game was a questionnaire based on cricket. Every team was asked 10 random questions as a rapid fire round and the team who answered maximum questions correctly bagged the point for this game.
  4. Cricket- The final game was playing cricket. We were 8 teams in all and each team had to play against the consecutive team. Finally the last two winning teams played a one over match. Teams had to choose their cheerleader from them and there was also a prize for the best cheerleader in the party.

All the games scores were added in the end and the team who scored maximum points was declared as the winning team. Some other prizes were best team, man of the match etc. ipl theme kitty party games

Overall, it was a very nice and interesting theme for the IPL season. The games were played very nicely and the party ended with great fun.

Do leave your comments below if you liked the theme idea and also feel free to ask if you have any questions regarding your kitty party games and ideas.

Happy Kittying 🙂



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