Childrens Day Games: Funny Games For Kids

Childrens Day Games

14th November is celebrated as Childrens Day and if you are arranging a party for the kids, you might be looking for some interesting and funny Childrens Day Games. Check out my list of 5 best funny games for kids, which you can arrange in your Childrens Day Celebration.

Childrens Day GamesChildrens Day Games

Donut Race

Doughnut eating contest is an interesting game which can be added in the list of 5 best Childrens Day games for kids. To play this game you just need many donuts (doughnuts). Hang some donuts with a string tied in a stand and make sure that the height of the donuts is large enough for the kids to reach easily. Set your timer and ask the kids to stand on a line. As the whistle blows, the kids have to run, catch and eat the donuts. The only rule here is that the kids can’t use their hands to catch the donuts. The child who reaches, catches and eats the donuts first will be the winner.

Sack Race

This is an old one but is one of the most interesting games for kids and worth adding in the list of top 5 Childrens Day games. Make all kids stand in a line and also mark the finishing point of the race. Ask the kids to get into the sacks and run to the finishing mark. The child who reaches the mark first will be declared as the winner.


This is yet another interesting game for the Childrens Day celebrations. You can either keep it as a balloon pinata or a drum pinata. Call the kids one by one to play this game and blindfold them. Give them a plastic bat and they have to hit the pinata in a set frame of time. Child who does it in the minimum time will be the winner.

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This is a very simple game but best suitable for the toddlers of age 5-7 years. Take a big tub and fill it with different colored balls. Now make all the kids stand around the tub and ask them to pick any one colour of balls. This is a one minute game and the kids will get only one minute to collect the balls of any one colour. The child with the maximum number of balls will be the winner.

Elf Defence

This is one of the funniest kids party games and is a great way to keep the kids engaged for some time. To play this game, you have to divide the kids into two teams. You will need two colored balloons for this game, one for each team. Divide the team and give every child a balloon of their team color. Now the challenge is to defend their own treasure while destroying other team’s treasure( balloons). This is a 5 minutes play, which means both teams will get 5 minutes to destroy other team’s balloons. After five minutes, the team having maximum balloons left will be the winner.




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