Chandelier: One Minute Christmas Party Game


This is a tough One Minute Christmas Party Game and is suitable for your Office Christmas Party or Christmas theme ladies kitty party. You need just a few soft drink cans and a few plates for this game. This is a one-minute party game and thus the participants will get a minute to win it.

One Minute Christmas Party Game with Cans

one minute Christmas party game


The participants in this game have to make a chandelier using the plates and the used empty cans. Place a can in the bottom, then a plate and keep two cans, then a plate and three cans and so on. The participant who takes it to the highest number will be the winner of this game. Though I am listing it as a One minute Christmas Party game, but you can keep it in any of your parties, with or without any theme.

It is a tough game and it is not at all easy to balance the cans on the plates so this game is not suitable for the childrens or for kids parties. Do make sure to try this game at home before you plan it to play with your friends in your parties.



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