Grab The Gumball: Funny Game For Family Reunion Party

funny game for family reunion party

While browsing over the web, I recently came across this wonderful and very funny game for family reunion. However, it is also suitable for all your parties like a baby shower party, bridal shower, birthday party, office party or even a ladies kitty party.

Funny Game for family reunion party funny game for family reunion party

The name of this game is Grab the Gumball and to play this game you need-


  • Tennis rackets
  • Gumballs

How to Play this Funny Game For Family Reunion Grab The Gum ball

  • The challenge here is to get the gum-ball from point A to point B by manoeuvring the tennis racket with only your knees.
  • Call the players one by one to the play area and give them a tennis racket and a gumball.
  • They have to adjust it as shown in the images above.
  • The player who does it best and takes minimum time to do that will be the winner.
Though I have categorized it as a family reunion party game but you can play it as an office party game or as a birthday party game too. It is a nice and funny game to be played with your loved ones.
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