Baby Shower Scratch-n-Win Tickets

Baby Shower Scratch-n-Win Tickets

Looking for some added fun for the baby shower party. These Baby Shower Scratch-n-Win Tickets can do that for you. These tickets can surely add some unexpected fun to your baby shower and the best thing is that you don’t have to do any homework for the same. Just give one card to each of your guests and ask them to scratch off the silver square in the ticket.

Have a little fun with it – use them for drawings, raffles, games, door prizes and more! Each 24-card deck comes with one winner to reveal a picture of milk in the baby’s bottle.

Baby Shower Scratch-n-Win TicketsBaby Shower Scratch-n-Win Tickets


The non-winning cards reveal pictures of various baby items/toys such as a rattle, rubber ducky, etc. and let the ticket holder know that they did not win. Each card measures 4 1/4″. For entertainment purposes only.

These scratch and win tickets will certainly double the fun and laughter quotient in your baby shower party. These are reasonable priced and you can get 24 baby shower tickets just for $4.90. Do place your order now and get them delivered at your doorsteps in next few working days.

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DO leave your comments below if you have any doubts regarding this baby shower game idea.

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