Baby Shower Games and Activities : Feed The Partner With Eye-Mask On


Baby Shower Games and Activities . This is an interesting and funny bridal shower game which can also be added in your list of kitty party games or a hen’s party games. Couple will play this game and hence you can also keep it in your list of couple party games.

Baby Shower Games and Activities For Couples

baby shower games

You might need a few eye masks,  bowls of pudding and a few bibs. Call your baby shower guests to play this game and divide them into pairs. Now cover their eyes with  the attractive eye masks and ask them to feed their partners as shown in the picture above. I am sure that the game is pretty clear to you all but if you have any doubt, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box. I am always happy to help you with party games.

You can play this game with all girls or even with the couples. It is always funny to see the couple playing this game. If you are planning to arrange this game in your couple party, then make sure that the husband is feeding the wife and believe me it will be more interesting to watch and will surely add more of fun and laughter quotient in your baby shower party. Actually what I feel is that you can play this game in any kind of party, may it be a baby shower party, a bridal shower party or even a kid’s birthday party.

Try playing this game in your next party and do let me know if it was fun or not, also check out the other list of Baby Shower Games and Activities  here in my website.



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