Baby Shower Games For Men: Men at laundry


Baby shower games For Men. After the baby shower game feed me baby, this is another funny game in the list of baby shower games for couples. Husbands will now understand how difficult it is to manage the household works with lil babies . With this baby shower game we will make our husband understand that it is not easy to talk on phone and hold a baby while laundry.

Baby Shower Games for Men

For this baby shower game, you will need a few dolls, strings tied to two walls, clips, bucket and baby’s clothes (nappies, sheets, baby-suits etc. ). When the game begins, the husbands will hold the dolls just like we hold the babies, hold the telephone on shoulders and then they have to hang the baby’s clothes on the string using the clips.

baby shower games for men

Husband’s can’t take two clothe pieces at a time. They will take everything one by one. The husband finishing the task in minimum time will win this game. Keep the clothes in a bucket and the clips on the floor near the bucket. Although I am keeping this game in my list of baby shower games for men but you can also play it women guests in your baby shower party. The only thing is that women are usually perfect at doing so many tasks at one time and so they will easily play and win this challenge. Real fun is to watch men trying to work at laundry, carrying baby and talking on phone simultaneously.

Hope the baby shower game is clear to you. If you have any doubt you can leave the comment below in the comment box.


    • Hey, Nicole. You can check the completion time to get the winner. Let every man in the party play the challenge and the one who takes the minimum time in spreading the laundry will be the winner 🙂 Hope it helps.


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