Bingo Cards For Bridal Showers

bridal shower bingo tickets

Check out these attractive bridal shower bingo cards. If you are throwing a bridal shower for your friend, sister or a relative, you might be looking for some interesting bridal shower games for the party. How about playing and bridal shower special bingo game. These are specially designed bridal shower bingo cards in the shape of lingerie.

Bridal Shower Bingo Cards

bridal shower bingo cards

The bingo tickets for bridal shower are designed in the shape or lingerie with 15 numbers written on them. 5 numbers are written on the jockey briefs and 10 on the bra shaped bingo tickets. These attractive bingo tickets are made with good quality sheets and are available for sale.

These lingerie shaped bridal shower bingo tickets are also suitable for the bold and beautiful theme party. bold and beautiful theme party.  Do leave a comment below if you want to place an order for these lovely and very attractive bridal shower bingo tickets. Also hit the FB like button above if you liked the creativity of our team. 


  1. Hi dear…I want to order 16 tickets. Of lingeria bin go game…..Pl tell me the process.Pl tell me how to play it


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