Bollywood Written Game For Ladies Kitty Party

written games for ladies kitty party

Written game ladies kitty party. I am getting many mails and messages from my online kitty members to suggest some written game based on bollywood, so here I am with a simple yet interesting written game ladies kitty party.

This is a game based on bollywood songs. I have made a few figures on a paper which depict some famous bollywood movie songs. The members playing this game will get one minute to guess and write the songs on the paper.

Written Game Ladies Kitty Party

written games for ladies kitty party

For example the first song is –

Phoolon ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai – movie hare rama hare krishna.

If you want to make the game a bit difficult you can also ask the members to write the movie names along with the songs. You can also arrange the time accordingly.

This is a simple paper party game for Indian ladies kitty party and suits all age group. You can play this game even with the middle aged ladies and if you are looking for a simple game for your mom’s kitty party, then also it suits best to your choice.

You can download the game sheet from the download button given below and for your convenience I am adding the answer sheet button also. You can download both the sheets and get them printed from any of the near by cyber cafe. If you still can’t download the game sheet and answer sheet for any reason, do let me know via comment box below and I will mail you the sheets.

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Download the game sheet and the answer sheets from the buttons below-

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

[dl url=”” title=”Download Answer Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Answer Sheet”]




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