Friendship Day Party Games

friendship day party games

Friendship Day Party Games. A day with friends is always a friendship day but first Sunday of August is noted as International friendship day. If you are planning to arrange a party with your friends on this wonderful day, you might surely be looking for some nice and interesting friendship day games. Check out some funny Friendship Day Party Games and make your party a great hit.

Friendship Day Party Games

1. Tug of Warfriendship day party games

This is one of the most popular games to be played by friends. This game can be played in any age group, just make sure that your party hall is safe enough to play this game.

2. Laser Lights

friendship day party games

This is a very interesting game to be played in any kind of parties, may it be a birthday party or a friendship day party. You just have to build a castle using the paper ribbons and the players have to cross the castle without touching the paper ribbons. These paper ribbons here exemplify the laser lights and the player touching the laser light will be out of the game. You can decide the winner on the basis of time taken to cross the castle.

3. Step Up The Mat Friendship Day Party Games

This is one of the bets team building games you can play with your employees in your office party. You can play this game indoors as well as outdoors  and moreover you can also arrange this game in any of your family picnics. The image below shows it all but let me tell you that the game is all about the stepping. The team will stand in a row hold each others hand and will then will pass travel from one end to other stepping the mats. No player can step on the ground. 

friendship day party games


4. Balloon Burst Friendship Day Party Games

This is actually one of the most funny friendship party games  I have ever played in a party. To play this game, all you need are a few balloons and nothing else. Divide your friends in two teams or you can make it three if you have a large gathering. Make them stand in a line with balloons in between. Check out the image below to know more about this game. 

ice-breaker games with balloons

Make a finish line at some distance. Now as the line has to move towards the finish line without dropping any balloon. If they drop any balloon before reaching the finish line they will start again from the start line. As they reach the finish line they have to burst all the balloons together in a bang. 

Dance and Burst Balloons Game

Call all your friends on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet.

bridal shower games

Start some chirpy dance number and make everyone dance. Now announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their balloons intact. Everyone has to make sure that their balloons are intact if they want to win this game. You can bring different twists in this game such as to tie balloons on both feet.

So this was my list of 5 best friendship day party games. Do share your ideas if you have any, also feel free to ask if you have any doubt in my party games.


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