Winter Theme Ladies Kitty Party


If you are looking for some interesting ladies kitty party theme for this winter season, this post is just for you. Today I am sharing the ideas for Winter theme ladies kitty party.

Winter Theme Ladies Kitty Party Ideaswinter theme ladies kitty party

The Invitations Ideas for Winter Theme Ladies Kitty Party

The invitation card can be in the form of a snowman. The wordings can be-Come join us As we journey to the pole Never mind the frosty Weather Come and have some fun together. OR ‘You are invited…Are you listening, In my house, the snow is glistening. It’s a beautiful site where everything is white. Let us party in the winter wonderland.

Decoration Winter Party Theme Ideas

Decoration: Keep decorations “cool.” Use whites and light blue. Chiffon fabrics are inexpensive and are an easy way to add instant mood. Drape tables with white tablecloths and throw the chiffon over that. Use crystal or glass decoration to give the icy look. Use thermocol and cotton for making snow-capped mountains, white balloons and white crepe paper for the wintery feel. Cover all tables with white tablecloths.

Activities and Games For Winter Theme Ladies Kitty Party

Game-1 Decorate the snowmen. This is a team game. Divide the guests into teams and give them their separate working areas. Provide them with stuff to make a snow men like thermocol, scissors, glazed paper muffler etc.The team who makes the best snowman in the given time wins. You may give some sticks/pillows and clothes to the teams for making the skeleton of the snowman.
Game -2 Snowball Relay: Divide the participants into teams. Provide each team with a spoon and Styrofoam snowballs. The first player from each team balances the balls on the spoon as he/she walks the length of the room, reach the other end of the room and drop the balls in a basket kept there. Each participant of the team follows suit.The team to collect the maximum number of Styrofoam balls in the basket will be the winner.
Game-3 This is a team game. Divide the guests into the teams and give them their separate working areas. Provide them items like sweater, gloves, caps etc and ask them to make one of the team members wear all the items. The team which manages to make their member the maximum number of items wins.
Game-4 The bag of Santa game: This is also an activity game. You can cut small pictures of various movies from the old CD covers and put them in a bowl. The guests will have to pick up a chit and sing a song from that particular movie. You will have a bag ready with small trinkets nicely packed with you. For singing the song correctly, each participant will be allowed to put her hand in the bag and take out a gift for herself. If the guests are not able to sing the song then please ask them to either name the movie or the actors. After all, it would be Christmas time and we have to give the gifts away anyhow. In this game, every guest can get a small gift and go back happily.
Game-5 This is also an activity game. You can give 5 cartons to the team members along with the gift wrapping paper and some accessories like ribbons and flowers etc and ask the guests to wrap up the gifts. The team with most nicely packed up gifts will win.

Menu Ideas for Winter Theme Ladies Kitty Party

For food and refreshments, think warm and hearty! When it comes to holiday party food, the options are innumerable and almost everything seems appropriate.



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