Eco Friendly Theme Party : Innovative Party Theme Idea

unique kitty party theme ideas

Throwing an Eco-Friendly Theme Party can be one of the unique kitty party theme ideas, especially when Indian Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi is emphasising so much on Swach Bharat Abhiyan.

Eco-Friendly Unique Kitty Party Theme Ideas unique kitty party theme ideas

The Invitations: Don’t waste paper by purchasing invitations. Instead, send an e-mail invitation or use the recycled paper to make the invitations. Offer a gift for the person who has the most car-poolers. Host the party outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. You can also send your invites on brown paper bags, which symbolizes the importance of recycling. Sending the invitations in form of a small scroll attached to a plant or flowers is also a nice idea.

Decoration Ideas for Eco-Friendly Theme Party

If you plan it indoors the color scheme should reflect tones found in nature, so opt for shades of brown, blue and green. Posters of picturesque landscapes, oceans or mountains are easy to get and display. Use blue table cloths to depict the sky and green napkins to symbolize the earth. Send a packet of seeds with a note attached. on one side and put the party details on the back.

Ladies Kitty Party Games and Activities

Game-1 Best Out Of Waste: Divide your guests in teams. Keep a pile of old spare parts and household items like old pens, broken vases etc as a pile in the room. Let each team member go to the pile, select an item and make something creative out of it. The team which makes the most creative items gets to be the winner. You can also divide the guests in teams and ask them to colour T- shirts and come up with environmental friendly slogans.
Game-2 This is a paper game.Ask your guests to write several practical ways of saving electricity and water and Environment as a whole. The person who comes up with the maximum practical ideas, is the winner. You can also ask your guests to write the names of as many green things / flowers / trees as they remember.
Game-3 Street Play : You may ask your guests to prepare a street play on several issues like health and hygiene, deforestation and overpopulation.

You can keep small plants as the prize for winners.

Ideas For The Menu : Continue the eco theme with the food you serve. Offer healthy food items, low on calorie count to your guests.


  1. Hi Shiwangi,
    Brilliant ideas. My mom actually has an ecofriendly themed kitty coming up in a couple of weeks and is looking for a tambola ticket design for this theme. Do you have anything already designed? Cheers


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