Minute To Win It Game: Back Flip

minute to win it back flip

Minute to Win it Game Back Flip is a nice and interesting game to be played in any party, may it be a ladies kitty party, office party or even a birthday party. You do not need to do any homework for this game.

Minute To Win It Game Back Flipminute to win it back flip

Things Required-  You just need 12 pencils for this game and nothing else.

How To Play- In this minute to win it game, contestant has to flip the pencils on the back of their hand. The time limit is of one minute and the player has to flip 12 pencils in the given time. He/she will start with flipping two pencils on the back of the hand and add two pencils after each flip. The player can keep trying till the stopwatches shows one minute.

The player who flips maximum number of pencils in a minute will be declared as the winner of this game. If you have large gathering in your party, you can first divide the guests into teams and call one player from each team to play this game. The player who win this challenge will bag a point for his/her team.


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