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Funny Birthday Party Games. I have added quite a few games to be played with a rolling dice and this is yet another interesting game with a dice. This dice game is somewhat similar to the game “Hit a sixer and win”  and I have modified it just a little to make it more suitable as a funny game for birthday party. 

Funny Birthday Party Games With Dicefunny birthday party games

You just need a dice, a many paper sheets and one pencil to play this game. This is a funny game and let me warn you that kids shout like anything while playing this game. All I am sure about is that kids and even adults love playing this game and it is a really funny game for parties.

How To Play Winning 100 Birthday Party Game

It is all about writing 1-100 and wining the prize but wait, it is not just that. The kid getting a SIX on dice will only get a chance to write the counting. Let me make it a more explicable-

Make all the kids sit in a circle on the floor or on the chairs, as it suits you. I prefer making them sit on the floor as I always have too many kids in my children’s birthday parties. Well, after they are seating give them a paper each. There will be only one pencil and the child getting SIX on dice will get the pencil and start writing the counting on his/her sheet.

Meanwhile other children will keep rolling the dice. The kid getting a SIX next will snatch the pencil from the kid and start writing the counting on his or her own page. The game goes on until someone completes the counting of 1-100 in the page. The child who writes the Winning 100 will be the winner of this game.

I hope the game is clear but if you have any doubt in my list of Funny Birthday Party Games, feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box.

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