Apple Strife : Funny Birthday Party Game

funny birthday party game

Funny Birthday Party Game.  Does the name Apple Strife tells you something ? I don’t think so. The Apple Strife game actually is very much similar to the balloon dance we used to play in our childhood.

Apple Strife : Funny Birthday Party Gamefunny birthday party game

This is a very funny birthday party game and will definitely double the laughter quotient in your party. To arrange this game in your kids’ birthday party, you just need apples and nothing else.

Before you start this game you have to divide the kids into pairs. Keep the apples on a table in the playing area and call the kids to play. Ask them to form pairs and hold an apple between their foreheads. When all kids are ready in pairs with their apple, the host will start giving commands like –

  • Jump a step forward
  • Jump and step backward
  • Walk a step right
  • Walk a step left etc. etc

The pair of kids who drops the apple will be out of the game and you will get the winning pair in the end. Apple Strife is a great game to for kids birthday party. You can also play it as an Apple Dance game where the kids have to dance with the apple stuck between their foreheads. If you are playing it with dancing, make sure that you switch the music tempo continuously, like a soft song then suddenly a fast number.  The game continue until all other players drop their balls and are out. Number of player in this game can be 5 to 8 to 10 to 15, as many as you can handle.

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