Interesting Game For Ladies Kitty Party : Complete The Snowman

Interesting kitty party games

Interesting Kitty Party Games . I am putting this game in the category of kitty party games because we played it in our ladies kitty party, but you can also add it as a birthday party game in your lists. This is a simple game to be played in a ladies kitty party, but I can assure you that if you haven’t played this game before you friends will definitely like it. The best part is that you do not need to do much homework for this game and also all members can play this game while sitting on their chairs.

Complete The Snowman : Interesting Kitty Party GamesInteresting kitty party games


To play this game in your ladies kitty party, you just need to make a sheet as shown in the image below. I am also adding a download button for the sheet so that you can just download it on your system and get a print out from any near by cyber cafe.

The host of the kitty party, will keep the sheet near her along with a dice. The kitty members will then come one by one and start rolling the dice. They just have to draw the part of snowman according to the number they get rolled on the dice. For example if they get number 1 they will draw two arms and if they get the number 2 on dice, they will draw eyes and mouth and so on.

If they rolled a number they’d already used, they won’t draw anything for that turn. Each member will get 10 turns and and the member which makes a complete snowman (or maximum) gets the prize. It is one of the simplest yet interesting kitty party games and you can play this game in any kind of parties.

You can download the game sheet by clicking on the download button below. Do let me know if you need any other help regarding interesting kitty party games, I am always here to help you out.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

Keep Partying 🙂



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