Interesting Kitty Party Themes : Wedding Theme For Your Kitty Party


Interesting Kitty Party Themes . “Wedding is always an entertaining event, so it creates a magical entertainment in kitty party”. It is one of the most entertaining and interesting kitty party themes.

Interesting Kitty Party Themes Interesting Kitty Party Themes

Things you need

Flowers,garlands,shoes(one ladies and one gents),slips of topics for songs, a big bowl,water ,little amount of milk,pebbles,two rings,dholak and music system, two blank papers and gifts according to the no.of marriage theme is complete without music and dance.

Whole of the party hall should be well decorated ,doors and windows should be decorated with flowers,mattresses covered with beautiful bedsheets on the floors for siting as the theme is typically traditional.


All the members have to be dressed heavily as they go in a wedding,just like Saree and heavy jewelry.


Members are first divided in two teams according to the strength.ex-if there are 16 members divide them into 8 members in each team will be of groom side and the other will be of bride side.

This is of course a very important part of the kitty party.the cuisine should be traditional and delicious with all the variety as we see in any marriage party. Look in our Cuisines and Recipes section for yummy recipes.

Party Games For Wedding Theme Kitty Party:

Party Game 1 

The first game is the welcome game,in this 5 members of each team will stand facing each other at a distance of at least 4 feet,then first give the garlands to the bride team and they have to throw them into the necks of the groom team.then same with to with the groom team.the team which puts the maximum no of garlands is the winner of the first round.

Party Game 2

Write the words on the slips 5 slip for each team.the words can be like Shaadi,dulha,mala,barat,Pyar,Mohabbat etc.then allow each team to pick one slip from them and they have to sing maximum songs they can on the chosen topic written on the slip in one minute.using dholaki and dance too,as we see in any Sangeet ceremony of Indian wedding.the team which attempts maximum songs in a minute is the winner of the round 2.

Party Game 3

Pour the milk red colour and the water in the a bowl.put all the pebbles and the two rings into it. add some flowers and red colour into member will find the rings first is the winner of the round so that it may look attractive.then ask one member from each team to come forward and both of them will dip their one hand in it and have to find the rings from the pebbles ,the team whose

Party Game 4:-

The next game is what we Indians call joota chipai ,that finding the hidden shoe.the host will hide one ladies and one gents shoe somewhere in the party member from each team will go and try to find the hidden gents shoe.the member of which team will find the gents shoe first will be the winner of round 4.

Party Game 5

This is the last game of this interesting kitty party themes ,in this game give each team a blank paper and a pen and they have t o write a letter to their beloved using the word love maximum times.the member of which team will use the word love maximum times in her letter is the winner of round 5


The team winning the maximum rounds is the winner of the kitty and all the members of that team will get the gifts.




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