How To Make Pasta Primavera For Kitty Party


Ladies kitty party is not just about the kitty party games and dresses, cooking also plays a very important role. Of course, if you are planning a kitty party at home. Pasta Primavera is one of the most popular dishes which you can easily make in your kitty party and almost everyone loves it. Here is the detailed Pasta Primavera Recipe for your kitty party at home.

Pasta Primavera Recipe

Ingredients For Pasta Primavera


  • Whole grain rotini or multigrain-1-1/2 cups
  • Olive oil – 1 tbs.
  • Chopped asparagus- 1/2 cup
  • Chopped broccoli -1/2 cup
  • Chopped bell peppers -1 cup
  • Low-fat evaporated milk- 3/4 cup
  • Low-sodium chicken broth- 1/2 cup
  • All-purpose flour- 2 tbs
  • Finely shredded Parmesan cheese -1/3 cup



  • Boil and cook pasta as it is directed in package.
  • Drain the cooked pasta into a pan and cover it.
  • Take a pan and put some oil. Heat it on medium flame.
  • Put veggies and cook. Mix till tender for about 4 minutes.
  • Beat broth, flour, and milk.
  • Put it in skillet till it turns into bubbly and thick.
  • Blend it in cheese and melt it.
  • Now toss cooked pasta with veggies and sauce.

pasta primaveraIf you want your Pasta Primera to be better, make sure you cut the veggies in the same size. Usually, the pasta primavera is big in size and the vegetables are a bit undercooked. If your veggies are cut down properly in the size of pasta, it will look good and will also be easy to eat with a fork. The rule says you should trim down the vegetables to 1/2-1 inches. Also remember, some veggies like carrot take longer to cook than the peas, so make sure the carrot slices are big but thin.

Do let me know via comments if you liked this recipe of pasta primavera or not. Also do let me know what all items you make in your kitty parties. I would love to share your recipes here in my blog, under your name.


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