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September 16, 2019

Two Interesting One Minute Couple Party Games

interesting one minute couple party games

Today I have two interesting one minute kitty party games for all my readers. These party games can although be played as ladies party games or some birthday party games too, but we played in our couple kitty party and thus I have categorized them accordingly. Both of these party games are easy yet interesting to play with friends.

Interesting One Minute Couple Party Games

interesting one minute couple party games

Fill up the envelope-

In this game, we got a big envelope from the host. Every couple in the party got this envelope and the game was to be played altogether. The host then announced that we need to collect our items in that envelopes in one minute. Yes, it is a one minute party game and we got the time limit of a minute to win the challenge. The couple here can take anything they can fill in an envelope. We took out the things like my earrings, bangles, rings, clips, hanky, phone, my husband’s belt, wallet, pen, glasses etc etc. The game was about collecting maximum number of things in the envelope in one minute. We got 17 things in the envelope and the winning couple got 20 things. It was a very nice, new and interesting couple party game for any kind of couple parties.

Balloon and Shirt-

This was again a very interesting one minute party game played in our couple kitty party. In this game, the host gave everyone a big balloon and two shirts. She called the couples one by one to the playing area for this game. It was again a minute to win it game where the challenge was to wear the shirt to each other with keeping our balloon in the air. The big balloon was blown and we were supposed to keep it in the air and put on the shirts to each other. The couple who took the minimum time was the winner of this game.

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