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September 16, 2019

Dice Housie: Tambola game for ladies kitty party

tambola game for ladies kitty party

Today I am sharing a unique kind of tambola game for ladies kitty party. One of my friends kept this game in our ladies kitty party and it was really fun. In this tambola, the members have to cut their numbers on their own according to the numbers they get on dice. Yes, this housie is played with a dice instead of the normal housie numbers and board.

Unique Tambola game for ladies kitty party

tambola game for ladies kitty party

Make all your kitty members sit in a circle and give them a tambola ticket each. Now take a dice and start with any one lady. Pick the first one randomly, it hardly makes a difference.

Ask her to roll the dice and if she gets 1 or 3 she has a choice to cut any number on her ticket and also announce that number. For example, the first lady gets 1 on her dice, she will cut a number 25 on her ticket and announce that number, now all other members who have  25 on their tickets will cut it. If the lady gets 3 on her dice, she will cut any three numbers of her choice and announce them and other members having those three numbers will cut. The dice will move turn by turn, but only one who gets 1 or 3 in the dice will cut the numbers and announce. You can keep the simple tambola dividends like early five, lines and houses in this game.

Hope I am clear enough with this new and unique tambola game for ladies kitty party. Do let me know in the comments if you have any kind of doubts in this tambola game or in any other games on my website. I am right here to help you with your party games and ideas. Due to a numbers or mails and messages, I may some time to reply but I will for sure.

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