Funny Team Game For Kitty Party

funny team game for kitty party

We played this game in the Christmas party today and it was quite funny  team game for kitty party. We were around 24 ladies and thus were divided into two groups of twelve ladies each. You can make more groups if you are expecting more members in your party.

Funny Team Game For Kitty Party funny team game for kitty party

Things required

You need to make some jumbled words for this game and write the letters in separate slips. Make rough envelopes of newspapers and keep a slip in each envelope.

For example, if you choose a word: Reindeer, you need to make slips with all letters like R E I N D E E R. You can also keep some black slips to confuse the players. Make sure that you have enough number of envelopes, one for each member in a team.

How To Play 

Make all the players of the team stand in a line and keep a basket with all envelopes on a table, one in front of each team. The challenge for the team is to open the slips one by one and take out the letters. Everyone will come, open the envelope, take out the letter and keep it on the table. When all the envelopes are open, the whole team together will try guessing the word. The team which guesses the word first will be the winner of this game. You can keep the words according to the theme of your kitty party. For example, if it is a Christmas party, you can keep the words like Christmas Tree, Reindeers, Snowman, Stockings etc.

This is a funny team game for kitty party, but you can also play it as a birthday party game or even as an office party game. Make sure that you are selecting the word according to he age group of players. You can also keep some jumbled phrase instead of jumbled word .




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