Top The Stack: 1 Minute Party Game

1 minute party game

Top the stack is a simple yet interesting 1 minute party game and it suits best  to all kinds of parties. May it be a kids birthday party, ladies kitty party, an office party or any kind of get-togethers. All age groups will enjoy playing and winning this game. This is a one minute game and it is all about the correct timing and speed.

Simple 1 Minute Party Game1 minute party game

Things Required- To play this game in your party, you just need a bunch of plain disposable glasses and one colored disposable glass. Call the players one by one and give them a stack of glasses as you can see in the image above. The coloured glass will be at the bottom and there are around 100 glasses above that. The challenge is to bring the coloured glass to the top using your alternate hands. If you are in short of time you can call 2-3 or even 5 kids at a time to play the game.

This is a 1 minute party game and the players will get a minute to win it. There is no other rule in this game except that they have to complete it within a minute. Failure in completing the task will result in elimination. The player who brings the coloured glass on the top in one minute will be the winner of this game and will get an attractive prize.

If you are arranging this game in your kids birthday party, make sure you have some really good gifts, because it is very difficult to please the kids with ordinary gifts. Though the image says it all but if you still have any doubt regarding this game or any other party games in my website, please leave a comment below in the comment box and I will reply it as soon as possible.



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