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toddlers party game

Toddlers Party Game. Kids love playing games and winning prizes and thus if you are throwing a party for kids, don’t forget to arrange a few interesting games and prizes for them. Before you arrange a Toddlers Party Game for kids in party, make sure that it is suitable for all ages. Games based on luck are best suitable for kids in party. This children’s game Cut The Counting is based sheer on luck and is best suitable for young children.

How To Play Toddlers Party Game ‘Cut The Counting’toddlers party game

  1. Give each child a paper and a pen. Ask them to write counting 1-9 seven times, as shown in the image above.
  2. Take two dices and give everyone a chance to roll the dice one by one.
  3. The child has to cut the number they get on the dice in every roll.
  4. The child whose whole sheet gets cut down first will be the winner of this game.

As I always say, announce the prize before starting the game and make sure that you keep some interesting gift for the kids. You can also keep first, second and third prizes for this Toddlers Party Game.

This children’s game is best suitable for toddlers who know the numbers from one to ten and also know how to roll the dice. You can also make these numbered sheets yourself and just distribute them among the kids. This will save your time and also you can make the neat and clean game sheets as compared to those made by kids.

I hope this Toddlers Party Game is clear enough to plan in your kid’s next birthday party. Do hit the FB like button if you liked my game and also feel free to leave a comment if you have any doubt in this game or any other party games in my website.


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