Puddle Ball Jump : Party Game For All Ages

party game all ages

Party games all ages :Party games always play a very important role in making a party hit and thus it is very important to select the right games for guests. This game on kitty groups online will end your search if you are looking for a party game suitable for all ages. This is a one minute party game and  the players will get a minute to win it.

Party Game All Ages

party game all ages

You just need a few glasses filled with water and a few small balls for this game. This is one of the very popular game and we have played it in many of our parties with all age groups. It is always a great idea to arrange a party game all ages love to play.

Arrange 8 disposable glasses filled with water to the top. Keep the glasses at different distances as shown in the image below.

party game all agesYou can decrease the distance of glasses according to the age group of the players in your party. For example you have middle aged people in your party who won’t be able to blow with force, you can reduce the distance and if you have teens in your party, you can increase the distance of the glasses.

And put one TT (table tennis) ball in each of the glass in any one row. Now call the player to the game table and start your stop watch. The player has to blow the ball from one glass to other using their breath. Failure to complete the task will result in elimination.

A human breath is very powerful and can easily make the ball jump from one glass to other. This is a very exciting party game all ages will enjoy to play and moreover is not that simple to play as it seems. It is not at all easy to make a ball jump using your breath force and I always recommend playing games at home before you plan it for your party.


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