2050 Theme Party Games and Ideas

2050 theme party games and ideas

2050 Theme Party Games and Ideas : This is one of my favourite unique party ideas, and one of the easiest to have ton of fun with, centring your party theme around the idea of a time capsule.

2050 Theme Party Games and Ideas

The Invitations Ideas for 2050 Theme Party

The invitations can be designed in the shape of a space shuttle, astronaut headgear or moon and stars.

The wordings can be-

Hold on tight, Shuttle 2050 is about to land ! Welcome to the futuristic experience of a lifetime, Come over to our party and make it more grand .


It’s our great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as part of the team for the (your Name) Mission to Mars! Launch Date : (party date) 
Launch Site : (address)
Please respond to (your name) Space Agency Headquarters to confirm your participation in this Mission.

Decoration and Dress Code Ideas for 2050 Theme Party

You can make stars and moon with silver paper. You can also show sun and other planets with golden paper, glitter drapes and some experimentation with the lighting will uplift the mood of your guests and enhance the feel of a futuristic party. You can also put the old CDs and styrofoam balls to creative use. A large space shuttle can be made out of cardboard and coloured with bright colours, if you have time. Decorate the party space with silver foil and futuristic newspaper headlines which are fun to make at home. Ask your guests to try something different and come up with their own style statement of 2050. Nicely decorated party hall and interesting party games and ideas will make your party a great hit.

2050 Theme Party Games and Ideas

Games-1 This is a team game. Provide paper plates, chart papers, silver foil, scissors, pins and glue etc to each team and ask them to dress up one of their members as an alien. Ask them to name their alien and planet along with their own message to the earthlings. The best dressed alien with the most interesting message will be the winner . This is one of the best 2050 theme party games and ideas. 2050 theme party games and ideas

Game-2 This game is similar to the musical chairs. Draw an outline of a space ship on the floor and place chairs on it. Play music and ask the guests to move around. When the music stops they all have to find a place on the rocket.

Game-3 Alien Invaders : When the guests arrive, attach the same amount of star stickers on each guests’ clothes, at the back . Once everyone has arrived, pass out cards to each player, with half the cards marked “alien” and the other half marked “earthling.”Tell them not to show their cards to each other .During the space party, the aliens must collect specimen – the star stickers – from the earthlings without being caught. If any alien is caught removing the sticker, he or she is out of the game. The person with the most stickers, without being caught, at the end of the game wins. This is the funniest of my 2050 theme party games and ideas.

Game-4 Another fun party game with a space theme is Find Earth. Prepare for this party game by printing out several images of Earth and gluing them to pieces of cardboard and hide the planets around the home before the party guests arrive. The guest who is able to find the maximum number of earths is the winner .

Game-5 I Went To The Moon : To begin the game, the first player starts by saying, “I went to the Moon, and I took ___________________,” filling in the blank with an item that starts with the letter A. The second player must repeat what the first player said and add an item beginning with the letter B. Each subsequent player must recite the whole list of items, plus one starting with the next letter in the alphabet. This continues until a player cannot remember the whole list. The last player to correctly repeat the whole list of items being taken to the moon wins the game. You may wish to write down each item on a notepad as the game progresses sometimes the list can get very long! This is very interesting game and you can add it in any theme party games and ideas.

Example:- l Player 1: “I went to the moon, and I took an apple.” l Player 2: “I went to the moon, and I took an apple and a balloon.” l Player 3: “I went to the moon, and I took an apple, a balloon, and a cat.’ l Player 4: “I went to the moon, and I took an apple, a balloon, a crayon, and a dog.’

Menu Ideas for 2050 Theme Party

You can settle in for the common party foods, all you have to do is to cleverly rename them to reflect a space theme without any change in recipes – for example, chocolate chip cookies can become moon rock cookies or miniature pizzas can become UFO patties. Serve the green and blue mocktails as the alien beverages. For the dessert you can have any cake or pudding named as the cosmic cake or the celestial pudding .

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