Tambola Ticket – Popular Tambola Dividends Played In Kitty Party

tambola ticket dividend

 Tambola Ticket Dividends 

  1. Laddu – Middle number of the middle line. tambola ticket dividend
  2. BP – Highest and lowest numbers of the ticket
  3. Early 5: First five numbers cut in the ticket
  4. Early 7: First seven numbers cut in the ticket
  5. First Line/Top Row: All numbers in first linetambola ticket dividend
  6. Second Line/Middle Row: All numbers in second linetambola ticket dividend
  7. Third Line/Bottom Row: All numbers in third linetambola ticket dividend
  8. Corners: the 4 numbers in the corners (1st and last numbers of top and bottom rows)tambola ticket dividend
  9. Corner with Star: the numbers at 4 corners & center-most numbers struck first (1st and last numbers of top and bottom rows along with center-most number of the middle row)
  10. tambola ticket dividendDay/Devrani : All numbers from 1 upto 45 in the tambola ticket
  11. Night/Jhethani: All numbers from 46 upto 90 tambola ticket dividend
  12. Breakfast: Numbers from 1 to 30
  13. Lunch: Numbers from 31 to 60
  14. Dinner: Numbers from 61 to 90 in the ticket tambola tickets dividends
  15. Unlucky 1/Zona: Player who is last in having his/her first number cut
  16. L – All numbers of first vertical line and all numbers of last horizontal line tambola ticket dividend
  17. H – All numbers from first vertical line + all numbers from middle horizontal line + all numbers of last vertical linetambola ticket dividend
  18. T – All numbers from top horizontal line+ all numbers from third vertical line tambola ticket dividend
  19. Full House/First House: the ticket with all its numbers struck first

These are some of the most common dividends, and I will soon come up with some new and different tambola ticket dividends for my readers. Keep visiting my blog to know more about such interesting tambola dividends.


I would also like my readers to share their own interesting tambola ideas below in the comment box , after all it is our own online kitty party.


  1. Hey Shiwangi,

    Thanks for the email.

    Can you please help me out with some karwa chauth theme tambola tickets. And also with some suggestons for the prizes to be given to the ladies who are winners and return gift ideas.

  2. Hi I wanted some games.idea for my.mom’s 50th birthday party. Can you please share some innovative tambola games or some couple or group games for around 10-12people.


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