Palm Tambola Ticket – Life Line Tambola

palm tambola ticket

Here is another different type of tambola ticket for your kitty party. Tambola is the most popularly played game in the kitty parties and other big gatherings. Earlier we used to play tambola with simple tambola tickets but now there are many different types of tambola tickets available.

Have a look at this new tambola ticket, I am giving it the name of Palm Tambola Ticket or you can also call it Life Line Tambola. It is actually the simple tambola game with just a simple twist.  palm tambola ticket

You can just take the printouts of this special tambola game and write the numbers from the normal tambola ticket we play. Write 4 numbers on each finger, 4 numbers on line of heart and 4 numbers of the life line. These are the dividends of the game and players are not allowed to say ‘Yes’. When all 4 numbers of Index finger cut, the player will speak Jupiter and so on.

So the dividends here in this palm tambola game are-

  • Jupiter
  • Saturn
  • Apolo
  • Mercury
  • Line of heart and 
  • Life Line

We don’t have a full house for this tambola game, but its OK to leave it some times, after its all about the fun and entertainment. This simple tambola ticket is suitable for all age group kitty parties.


  1. hiii shiwangi,aap ne karwachauth ki story ko tambola no diya hai acha laga aisa hi diwali ki bhi story ko bhi tambola no de kar banye


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