One Minute Party Games for Adults – Roll The Balls


One Minute Party Games for Adults. This is another one of the one minute party games and best suits to any kind of a party, may it be a kitty party, a birthday party a baby shower party or anything else. This is indeed an interesting game but you need to get prepared for it. What I mean with preparation is to arrange some items and adjust them properly to play the party games in the party.

One Minute Party Games for Adults

party games 2

Things you need to play the party game-

You need three rolls for this game, two knitting needles and ping pong balls, a big ruler and a cork. You can use some card board roll for this game or you can also make rolls using some thick paper. You need two big rolls and one small roll for this game. Look at the picture below to check how to make the roll.paper roll

How To Play The Party Game Roll The Balls

Take two big rolls and one small roll and attach them using a cello tape like I did in the picture below. Take the ruler, the ball and the cork and set them according to the games rollparty games 4

Now call the player and giver her/him two knitting needles. She then has to take the two needles through two big rolls and carry the ball from the row and put in the small roll taped above. As this is a one minute party game, the member will get one minute to games 1

The member who gets the maximum number of balls in one minute will win the game.

Usually in our kitty parties we have 20-25 members and it will take too much time to make all players play this game. It would be better to make teams and call one member from each team to play the game.

Do let me know if you have any confusion in this game or any other One Minute Party Games for Adults. Leave your comment below in the comment box.


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