Tambola Games : Chocolate Tambola

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This is one of the most innovative and interesting Interesting Tambola Game. You can play this tambola game with the simple Tambola Tickets and the best part is that many members get the prizes in this special chocolate tambola game. Interesting tambola game

Interesting Tambola Game: Chocolate Tambola

Distribute the simple plain tambola tickets to all of the kitty members and start the game. In this special tambola game the members will get the prize with every number they cut in their tambola tickets. 

The host will start calling out the numbers and with every number cut on their tickets members will get a chocolate. The game will last till you have the chocolates in your box. Unlike the other tambola games you won’t have the dividends in this special and interesting tambola game.

If you keep the budget of one tambola game of 300 INR, bring 60 chocolates and distribute it on every number cut.


  1. 21 को मैंने साउथ इंडियन थींम की किटी रखी है।
    आप गेम और तम्बोला बतायें ।


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