Kitty Party Games : Stick The Cotton Balls

kitty party games

This is one of the very interesting kitty party games and best suits if you have all young members in your kitty party. For this game you first need to divide your party guests into two teams and the whole team will play this game together.

The kitty party game goes like this –

Kitty Party Games : Stick The Cotton Balls

Make the whole teams stand in two different lines facing each other. Place two table on each side of the hall and keep two bowls filled with cotton balls on one side and two empty bowls on the other side. On the table where you keep the bowl with cotton balls, also keep a big bottle of vaseline. kitty party games

When the host shouts START, all the members of team will come one by one->apply vaseline on the face-.dip the face in the cotton bowl and run to the table on the other side to shed the cotton balls there in the bowl. The basic game is to shift the cotton balls from one table to other. kitty party games for womenkitty party games for couple games

I hope you liked this kitty party game . If you have any doubt regarding this game, feel free to ask any questions. You can leave your query in the comment box below and I will try to revert as soon as possible.


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