Party Games For Families : Try Being Elephant


Party Games For Families: This is a new game in my list of Party Games For Families and friends, and it is quite interesting and humorous. Although this funny party games will suit all ages, but will create a good laughter quotient when arranged as the party games for adults. We played this party game in our couple kitty party and trust me it was a huge fun.

Party Games For Families Try Being Elephant goes like this

You might need a few stockings for this game and a few plastic bottles. Call the players one by one to play this party game and ask them to wear the stocking over their head as shown in the picture below. Place a ball in the end of the stocking before they get it onto their head. fun family party games for families

Place few bottles filled with water on the ground. You can also use the empty bottles for this party game, but they are lighter and easier to drop down.

This is a one minute party game, and thus the player gets the time limit of one minute where he/she has to hit ball with the trunk made with stockings. The player who hit and drop the maximum number of bottles will win this party game. Trust me it is one of the funniest Party Games For Families as well as to play with friends.

fun family party games

You can play this game in any of your parties, may it be a birthday party, a family gathering, an office party or even a couple kitty party, but it is ultimate fun to play it with family members. This is the reason I have put it in my category of party games for families.

Hope you got the game right, you can always leave your comments below in the comment box if you have any doubt or query about any of the party games here in my blog.

Enjoy 🙂


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