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September 16, 2019

Lohri Party Games

Lohri Party Games : Lohri Word Search Game

Lohri Party Games . Word search games are something which suits all age groups and every kind of group. So here I am with a new lohri theme based word search game for your lohri theme kitty party. Lohri Party Games Word Search Game This is a word grid and there are ten Lohri words hidden […]

Lohri Party Games : Whistle Me, Nice Game For Lohri Kitty Party

Lohri Party Games. Popcorns and Lohri are closely related and thus whenever I think about the lohri theme kitty party; popcorns are the first thing coming in my mind. This is an interesting game to be played in Lohri theme kitty party or makar sankranti theme kitty party. Lohri Party Games and Makar Sankranti Theme Games […]

Lohri Party Games : Games for Lohri Theme Kitty Party

Lohri Party Games. I am calling this lohri party game as ‘Popcorn Race Game’. This is a simple yet entertaining game for your lohri theme kitty party. In this game you need two paper cups and a bag full of popcorns. Lohri Party Games With Popcorns  You need to do bit preparations for this game. Make […]