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Lohri Party Games. I am calling this lohri party game as ‘Popcorn Race Game’. This is a simple yet entertaining game for your lohri theme kitty party. In this game you need two paper cups and a bag full of popcorns.

Lohri Party Games With Popcorns lohri party games

You need to do bit preparations for this game. Make a hole in the paper cups from the base and tie a band to it so that the cup can be tied to the feet of the player. Give the starting line and keep a basket full of popcorns there. Tie the paper cups to each feet of the player. She/he then has to fill the paper cups with popcorns and move to the finishing line where you have kept an empty basket. They have to empty the cups in the basket and return to the starting line. Fill them again and move. You can give the time limit of 2 minutes for this game. The player who shifts the maximum popcorns wins the game.

Hope the game is clear but if you have any doubt about the game you can leave comment below in in the comment box. I am right here to solve all your queries. Lohri Party Games. 

Happy Lohri


  1. Hi shiwangi ,
    Myself Neetu from karnataka hubli. Nxt month is my kitty. I was thinkin to keep a punjabi theme were i was thinkin to give a dhaba decoration. So now the point is tht m vry confused n need ur hlp. Soo hlp in games n deco.


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