Lohri Party Games : Whistle Me, Nice Game For Lohri Kitty Party


Lohri Party Games. Popcorns and Lohri are closely related and thus whenever I think about the lohri theme kitty party; popcorns are the first thing coming in my mind. This is an interesting game to be played in Lohri theme kitty party or makar sankranti theme kitty party.

Lohri Party Games and Makar Sankranti Theme Gameslohri party games

You might find the picture funny and trust me the game is funnier. You can make all the members play this game simultaneously. Line all the kitty members in a row. Give each of the member cups of popcorn and a whistle. Then you need to shout “Grab your popcorn” Each member grabs a handful of popcorn. Then you say Go and each member puts a handful of popcorn in their mouth. Each member has to chew the popcorns as quickly as possible and blow a whistle. The one who does first wins the game.Hope the game is clear and if you have any doubt, feel free to leave your comment below in the comment box.

Happy Lohri 🙂


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