Lohri Party Games : Lohri Word Search Game


Lohri Party Games .ย Word search games are something which suits all age groups and every kind of group. So here I am with a new lohri theme based word search game for your lohri theme kitty party.

Lohri Party Games Word Search GameLOHRI WORD SEARCH GAME SHEET

This is a word grid and there are ten Lohri words hidden in the grid. This is a one minute party game and players will get one minute to solve the grid. The players have to look and find the ten hidden lohri related words from the grid. Before your party starts, get the photo copy of the game sheet according to the strength of your kitty Distribute the sheet to everyone and explain the game.

Now start the stopwatch and let the players search for the lohri words in the grid. When the time stops snatch the sheets from everyone and the member who finds maximum words will win the game.




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