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September 17, 2019

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Silly Party Games : Blow The Bubble From Bubble Gum

Silly Party Games . After seeing the image below, what do you think the game is ? Silly Party Games Is it a party game of blowing a bubble from a bubble gum? Well somewhat ! This party game is related to blowing the bubble from a bubble gum but the twist is that you […]

paper party games answers

Answers to Find The Words – Paper Party Game For Kitty Party

Here are the answers for the paper party game Find The Words – Paper Party Game For Kitty Party Love Darling Adore Sweetheart Devotion Hug  Kiss Flame Joy Mine Enjoy 🙂

Party Games : Crack the Cane – Funny One Minute Game for Party

Party Games. This is one of the simple one minute party games, but has lots of fun in it. It is moreover like a dart game as you have to point on the Pepsi canes in this game. You have to do a bit of arrangements for this one minute party game. You need a big metal rod […]

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Adult Party Game – Orange Between Knees

Funny Adult Party Game Orange between the knees is one of the best adult party games ever played. I personally love this kitty party game very much as it brings huge fun in the kitty party hall especially when it is a couple kitty party.

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Funny Game – Catch the ball in the glass

Funny Christmas Party Game – Catch the ball in the glass In this Christmas party game you need a stack of plastic glasses and many ping pong balls. Keep the balls in a basket and give the stack of glasses in the player’s hand . The time limit is 60 seconds,and the player has to […]