Adult Party Game – Orange Between Knees

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Funny Adult Party Game

Orange between the knees is one of the best adult party games ever played. I personally love this kitty party game very much as it brings huge fun in the kitty party hall especially when it is a couple kitty party.

You need- Many oranges and that’s it.

This is again a couple party game as we are placing it in the category of adult party games but you can also arrange this game as a birthday party game or ladies kitty party game.

Make the husband and the wife stand on a line. And give them a big basket of oranges. Keep the basket in the middle. And at a distance of about 6-7 feet keep a bucket.

As the time starts both husband and wife have to take one orange from the basket, keep it on the floor and then pick from their knees.

Then with the oranges between their knees they have to walk and put those oranges in the bucket kept at a distance.

The couple who manages to collect more of oranges will win the fun party game.


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