Party Games : Crack the Cane – Funny One Minute Game for Party

Crack The Canes

Party Games. This is one of the simple one minute party games, but has lots of fun in it. It is moreover like a dart game as you have to point on the Pepsi canes in this game. You have to do a bit of arrangements for this one minute party game. You need a big metal rod for this game, two rolls of tissue paper, rubber bands, marbels and a few Pepsi canes.

Crazy One Minute Party Games With Toilet Paper


Tie the Pepsi cane to the tissue paper roll and hang it on the long rod. Picture above will make the scene even clear.

Now to start with this one minute party game make the players stand at a distance from the rod and give them the rubber band and the marbles. They have to point the marbles to the tissue paper and have to break the toilet paper. The member or the team who tear the toilet papers first will win this one minute party game.


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