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Hello everyone, winters are almost gone now but its still colder in the morning and evening time. So what do you prefer wearing over your saree during such times? These are the times when we don’t want to wear the sweater, coat, or cardigans with our saree.

I have an idea.

Have you ever tried styling a dress with your saree?

I have. 🙂

It was a random experiment that turned out really well. I recently tried wearing my wrap dress over a cotton saree because it was pleasantly cold outside and I didn’t want to wear anything very warm.

Check out the pictures and video below to understand my look better.

Style Your Saree With A Dress

Unlike the other fashionable saree drapes, this looks decent and graceful from both front and back.

This wrap dress was so easy and comfortable to wear over the saree and it covered my sleeves and also gave me an extra layer over the saree keeping me warm and at the same time, it looked really different and stylish.

I draped my saree pallu around my neck and then wore the wrap dress as a coat. It gave me the look of a stylish coat but it wasn’t very warm.

I wore this outfit for the Republic Day Celebration of our society and it was perfect for a breezy winter’s morning.

This style of carrying the saree in Winters is perfect for the middle-aged and full-figured ladies like me who want to look stylish all the time.

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