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In this post, we will learn about how to wear a saree in winter. Sarees are the most trending piece of clothing these days and gone are the days when we used to wear the saree with its traditional blouse and petticoat. Today the blouses are replaced with crop tops and peplum tops while the petticoats are replaced with saree shapers.

Both saree blouses and petticoat actually play a very important role in the look of the saree and hence it is important to keep them perfect. Check out some latest saree blouse designs to make your sarees look appealing every single time.

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How to wear a saree in winter

Saree with a short jacket

As I’ve mentioned above the traditional saree blouses are now replaced by tops, since we are talking about the winter season, you can even replace your top with a short crop jacket. Here in this look below, I am wearing a short wind-cheater jacket with my saree and it makes my saree look edgy and stylish, and at the same time makes me cozy in winters.


Saree with a long jacket

While a short jacket makes your saree looks edgy and smart, a long jacket instantly adds up a spark and grace to your saree. You can wear a simple cotton long jacket or maybe an organza shrug with your saree to give it a completely formal look and stay cozy at the same time. This is one of my favorite ways on How to wear a saree in winter.


How to wear a saree in winter with a turtle neck T-shirt

Now since we have started using tops with sarees, why should the t-shirts be left behind. In winters you can style your saree with a turtle neck t-shirt and get a super chic and edgy look. You can add a belt too if you want. You can either keep the t-shirt long or can fold it to the blouse length as per your choice. I avoid the short length because of my belly fat.

Adding a belt again gives a whole new look to your simple sarees. Here I am wearing my very simple cotton silk saree with a high-neck t-shirt and a belt.

how to wear a saree in winter

Saree with Short Coat

As we have tried short jackets with saree in the first picture, here I am wearing the saree with a short coat. This is a one-button coat which I have paired with my plain great satin saree. Here in this style, I have kept my pallu very short so that it finishes on my shoulder and there is no bulger under the coat.

Saree with a trench coat

The trench coat is a coat made with the normal fabric instead of woolen fabric and it’s normally of your knee-length. Here I am wearing my plain black high-neck t-shirt too with the trench coat to be extra warm and extra stylish.

how to wear a saree in winter

Saree With A Poncho

This is something which I have never tried before. I was scared to include this look in this blogpost but still added. Hope you like it. I’ve also added a belt to synch in my waist.

Saree With a Sweater

Here in this picture, I am wearing my plain black saree with a yellow/mustard pullover. To complete the look, I have added my elastic belt to it.

So, these were some of my favorites on how to wear a saree in winter. Do let me know which one did you like the most. Also do share if you have more of such ideas to style a saree in winters.

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