Valentines Day Kitty Party Punctuality Games


Valentines Day Kitty Party Punctuality Games. Valentines Day is just around the corner, however, COVID-19 is still there but the whole nation is almost as operative as before so why not the ladies kitty parties. Just make sure that you follow the norms the social distancing, sanitization and also wear the masks properly.

Do not forget to decorate your kitty party hall with proper Valentines Day Theme Decorations.

Today in this post, I am sharing some of my favorite punctuality games for your Valentines’ Day kitty party.


Valentines Day Kitty Party Punctuality Games

14 And Stop

Things required- Tambola numbers and a bowl

How to play

Call the kitty party members one by one to play this game. Put all the tambola numbers in a bowl and ask the members to keep the bowl on their head. This game has no time limit. The members have to take out the numbers from the bowl one by one until the number 14 comes. Your game ends when you take out number 14 and the numbers you take out before 14 will be your score. The member with the maximum score will win the game.

Kiss on the heart

Things required- A chart paper and lipstick

How to play-

To play this punctuality game in your Valentines’ Day kitty party, you need to make a small heart on the chart paper and paste it on the wall backward so that the heart is not visible to the members. Now call the punctual members one by one and ask them to make a kiss mark on the chart paper with their lips. After everyone is done kissing, turn the chart paper and the member whose kiss will be closest to the heart will win this game.

Candy Crush

Things required- Toffees

How to play

In this game, you need one toffee and many toffee wrappers. Put in the candy shape pebbled in the wrappers and give them a shape of a toffee and put them all in a big bowl. When the members start coming to the party, ask everyone to pick one toffee from the bowl as they enter. Please mention that they cannot open the toffee until the host announces. When everyone gets a toffee then ask them to open it and the member who gets the real toffee will be the winner of this lucky lady game for Valentines Day Kitty Party.

These were my 3 best Valentines’ Day Kitty Party Punctuality Games. You can also keep them as the lucky lady games in your kitty party and not just the Valentines Day Party but in any kind of kitty party, they can be used as the lucky lady games.

I hope you liked these Valentines Day Kitty Party Punctuality Games. Do share in the comments if you have more ideas. I will be more than happy to post those ideas under your name.



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